Changing the way cursor behave in VS Code.

Aakash Haider
2 min readFeb 15, 2021
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In this story we are going to change the look and feel of VS by learning that how we can change the classical behaviour of cursor and change it according to our mood.

Follow the givens steps:

Step 1:

Open VS code and open settings by pressing “⌘ + ,” if you are using mac and “Ctrl + ,” if you are windows user. You can also achieve it by going to preferences from VS code menu.

Step 2:

In the left bar goto Text Editor > Cursor.

Cursor settings

In the right tab at start you will see the Cursor Blinking option, followed by many others. The default value of cursor blinking would be blink, you can change it to expand and by doing so come back to your editor and see the magic.

If you don’t see any change then don’t worry, just reload the VS code by closing and opening it once.

The Output:

Expanding Cursor

Happy coding ;-)



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